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16 August 2010

SnowOSX Universal v3.6-S Series | 3.5 GB

A new version of an assembly for single-layer DVD, which is based on the Retail Snow Leopard 10.6 + Update 10.6.2 + Safari 4.04. An assembly can be installed on the GUID, and on Mbr.V assembly immediately included Russian localization.

Customers can select from two loader boot-9-4 (Chameleon 1) or PC EFI 10.5 (Chameleon 2 RC3). PC EFI 10.5 placed in the most simple form, without the "Image-to-Blondes" - the full version is in the folder / ATools / _System /.
Added injector for ATI video (EvOenabler).
Updated versions of some drivers and programs in ATools.
Added 32/64-bit IOATAFamily from Leo 10.5.8, re-compiled for Snow Leopard - now there is no panic on IOATA (PIIXATA) and working IDE devices.

VMware Workstation 7.1.1 Build 282343 With Micro & Lite | 685 MB

VMware Workstation - The program is designed for workstations, enables a computer to emulate a standalone working environment of the operating system and work with him as with the conventional system. Using this method you can install different operating systems and applications for them, go online and engage in daily tasks, but with somewhat slower speeds.

The benefit of this method is the ability to test various software under various operating systems, without adversely harm the current system, installed on my main computer, as well as some test hardware solutions. It can make life easier for developers to significantly cross-platform applications and lovers to work with the new OS.

Loopmasters Syncopix Drum And Bass Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS | ISO | 552 MB

Coming straight out of Hamburg in Germany, Roland Syncopix is one of the most interesting and innovative DnB producers around. Mixing awesome sound design and playful, creative ideas, the Syncopix sound is instantly recognisable.
Syncopix has had a whole host of DnB releases since the late 90s and made his debut on Hospital in 2004. The massive General Hospital / Traveling Man single followed, as well as his more recent Icarus album on his eponymously titled label.

This awesome sample pack from the infamous Hospital Records stable contains all the starting points you need to make high quality DnB music, from uber-tight drum loops right through to Syncopix s hallmark synth brass sounds and playful guitar sequences. As you would expect, German engineering pedigree and attention to detail are second to none on this finely crafted sample set.

Featuring over 400 Pristine Drum and Bass Samples, including 15 HiFi Drumloops, 13 Basslines, 43 Music Loops, 34 Percussion Loops, 160+ Speaker Shaking Single Bass sounds, 50+ individual drum and bass drum hits, 46 Hits and SFX Samples, and 29 Pads the Syncopix sample pack is out now. Wunderbar!

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15 August 2010

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14 August 2010

Stylus RMX Zero-G Total REX Disc B | 2.66GB

Zero-G bring you a First Choice rhythm loop compilation in REX2 format. This is the ULTIMATE compilation of professional quality REX files - OVER 15,000 drumloops, instrument grooves & riffs, breakbeats and awesome rhythmic inspiration for use with:
Spectrasonics STYLUS RMX (Total Rex is "Stylus RMX-optimized" for fast accurate loading), Propellerheads REASON, Steinberg CUBASE, Apple LOGIC PRO, Motu MACHFIVE, Motu DIGITAL PERFORMER, NI INTAKT, NI KONTAKT, Cakewalk SONAR, Image-Line FL STUDIO, and more....
"...Covers every imaginable base... in a wide range of styles... thanks to the flexibility that the REX format offers, you can easily use loops that are intended for one style in another. The quality of the content is superb, but given that this is essentially a 'best of' from one from one of the most reliable sample production houses around, that's to be expected... Highly recommended. Rating: 9 out of 10
This "Best of Zero-G" rhythm compilation scores 10/10 in each of the areas it matters most:
(1) It's MASSIVE! - in the case of this title, over 15,000 loops, and over 10 GIGABYTES! (when uncompressed - see below),
(2) Truly PROFESSIONAL levels of QUALITY and USABILITY (after all, these loops were produced by Zero-G, one of the world's largest and most highly acclaimed suppliers to the pro audio industry for 15 years, and these loops are among our very best, derived from over 40 of our most highly acclaimed releases over that period!),
(3) An AMAZINGLY DIVERSE and VARIED range of loops from many musical styles and cultures, and
(4) Simply UNBELIEVABLE PRICE representing totally unbeatable value-for-money.
A huge injection of groove material. A massive rush of inspiration.
Open up whole new vistas on your musical creativity with this enormous collection. With overwhelming variety and diversity in style, this absolutely massive compilation is guaranteed to provide exciting new rhythmic ideas for enhancing your next hit record, commercial soundtrack or dancefloor groove.
All this quality, quantity and variety, for the unbelievably low price of only ??99.95 pounds ($169.95 / 149 Euro) for the 2 DVD package.
We highly recommend that you check this compilation out BEFORE buying any other REX library, to avoid disappointment.
To create TOTAL REX we hand-picked the best rhythm material from 42 (yes, 42) different successful products from our back-catalog and programmed them into REX2 format. These samples can be used with any application that recognizes the .REX file format. Users of applications that read the REX format will enjoy powerful use of these files through the ability to manipulate the tempo without altering the pitch, and by having access to individual 'hits' (slices) within each loop.
What do the press think of these loops?
Find out by reading reviews of the Zero-G products these loops were sourced from: The source products are listed below, and each has its own original product web page where you can access its press reviews - use the CD Locator at the top left of this page to find each source product's web page.
REX2 files have the property of being compressed (in the "zip" kind-of way, not the musical one) using a proprietary non-lossy algorithm which reduces the size of the files by around 40-60%, in most cases. Consequently, this sample library is in reality around 10 Gigabytes in size! (even though on the DVDs it is stored as only around 5 Gb). Note that the REX files are accessible individually (NOT packed into a REFILL).
Over 15,000 Drum and Percussion Loops, Instrument Groove Loops, Vocal Loops, and Atmos & FX Loops, and more...
Actual Disc Contents:
Afrolatin Slam - 345 loops
Akoustik Bass Hitz - 893 loops
Brass Elements - 242 loops
Chemical Beats - 424 loops
Chemical Synths - 400 loops
Cuckooland Unhinged - 393 loops
DrumStyles - 383 loops
Ethnic Flavours - 92 loops
Funk Bass - 1057 loops
Funk Construction - 116 loops
Funk Guitar - 815 loops
Grinding Beats - 332 loops
Guitar Odyssey - 649 loops
Hip Hop & Swing Breakdown - 68 loops
House & Garage Construction - 97 loops
Jungle Frenzy - 242 loops
Jungle Warfare 1 - 287 loops
Jungle Warfare 2 - 722 loops
Jungle Warfare 3 - 717 loops
Koncept & Funktion (Drum & Bass) - 408 loops
Live Bass Grooves - 129 loops
Percussion Grooves - 114 loops
Pure Brazilian Beats - 194 loops
Pure Hip Hop - 146 loops
Pure Mayhem - 340 loops
Pure R'n'B - 165 loops
Pure Tabla - 274 loops
Pure Trip Hop - 147 loops
Reggae Connection - 194 loops
Return To Planet Of The Breaks - 142 loops
Rhythm Guitar & FX - 248 loops
Spices Of India - 200 loops
Synth Bass Loops - 14 loops
Techno Prisoners - 36 loops
Total Drum & Bass - 782 loops
Total Funk - 910 loops
Total Hip Hop - 552 loops
Total House - 668 loops
Trance Formation - 15 loops
Upfront Lead Guitar - 44 loops
WIRED: The Elements of Trance - 928 loops
World Class Breaks - 200 loops
Total for all categories: over 15,000 REX Files

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